EDEM is a brand born to help build happy and harmonious families, to help a woman be happy, harmonious, loved and inspiring for her man.

EDEM - this is the Garden of Eden, the place where we strive to return, to feel again better and kinder. Finding your Half, bring love through life and preserve the integrity of the family - a very important goal of this path. Half of success depends on us women, which is why we chose our mission to help women be true and harmonious.

Eugene and Elena Demina, happily living together for 17 years, the parents of the daughters of Melania and Agatha

The brand name, logo, silhouettes and decor of our dresses I saw in dreams. Later, my spiritual mentor gave his blessing to this good, bright, and new thing for me.

In November 2013, a team of the best, heartfelt, talented people of Russia was assembled, and in December 2014 the first collection of wedding and wedding attire — the wonderful Paradise Sacrament, in which the Lord himself unites loving hearts with his blessing.

Together with the launch of the first collection, we opened a small couture atelier for active women who value the quality of fabrics and the craftsmanship of making products that emphasize individual style above all.

We choose materials of exceptional quality, which are created in the best factories of Italy, England, France. Each pattern and embroidery of our products is made by hand and keeps the warmth of the hearts of the masters of Edem.

The best perfumes in France have developed subtle and sensual fragrances for women, and we are looking forward to them in Russia next year. We will be very happy to help anyone who wants to build harmonious families and is always open to ideas and dreams.